Meet the Founder of RedeFINDing You



Ordained Minister

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Holistic Nutritionist / Health and Wellness Coach

Professional Speaker/ Author

Podcast Host

Queens, New York native and Atlanta transplant, Kim M. Martin-Raymond is an Ordained Minister, Professional Speaker, Certified Spiritual Life coach, Holistic Nutritionist / Health and Wellness Coach, Author, and Podcast Host.

Kim helps her clients experience spiritual breakthroughs in their relationships and lives, that allow them to fully surrender to the path God has for them. Through her workshops and publications, her clients receive the tools they need to align their minds, bodies and spirits. The information and materials she has developed are based on the foundational principles of the Holy Bible.

In her workshops, Kim shares her own testimony of tragedy and transformation; from filing for divorce for the third time, to empty-nesting; to losing her 16-year-old daughter to a brain aneurysm. She is passionate about helping individuals “redeFIND” themselves by rediscovering their life’s passion and purpose. Kim discusses the importance of time management, self-care, meditation, and being present. Kim shares her motivational messages through her three-book, “From the Sideline” series entitled, “30 Days of Inspiration, “30 Days of Transition, and “30 Days of Transformation”.

Kim is also the host of the "How Now?" Podcast, where she and her guests talk about HOW to live in the NOW. She shares with her listeners ways in which to C.O.P.E (Create Our Peaceful Existence), in this time of pandemic and beyond.

As of 2022, Kim has taken her health and wellness journey to another level by losing 64LBS.  She is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Coach.  In the final quarter of 2022, Kim launched her Health and Wellness Coaching business, "Spirit Body Transformation." This program specializes in creating wellness programs and coaching for African American professional women over 40.

Kim currently holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in business administration. Kim also completed the coursework toward her DBA in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Kim enjoys meditation, listening to Jazz, Classical, Gospel, and R&B music, reading, writing, working out, and spending time with her husband, Jerrod, daughter, Kristine, and granddaughter, Quinn.