RedeFINDing You – RedeFINDing You helps individuals who are feeling “directionless”, to obtain the tools they need to rediscover the path and purpose for their lives. When they have the tools to deal with life’s unexpected situations, we are better prepared to effectively cope with them. RedeFINDing You helps individuals change their mindset and helps them recalibrate their “internal navigation system”, so they avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that keep them from moving forward.

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Making Time for God (Time Management) - How we manage our time is important, especially when we don't make time for God. We can get so absorbed in work, our family and other activities, that we don't much of anything accomplished. The Making Time for God training shows us how to prioritize our time and provides the tools needed to maximize our time with God first, then the other activities we are tasked to accomplish.


Trimming the Fat (Virtual) -“Trimming the fat” refers to maximizing the areas of our lives where we have created unnecessary buffers or barriers that do not serve us. We want to be in “shape”, but not one that confines us and creates fear of movement. This 5-week program addresses what “trimming the fat” means, how “trimming the fat” not only applies to our body, but our mind and spirit as well, the difference between “healthy” and “unhealthy” fat, and ways to “trim the fat” for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health.



**NEW SERVICE** - ChatterBook - Are you a self-published author who wants to turn your publication into an audio book?  Let Kim be the voice behind your book. Please email Kim at [email protected] for information and pricing.