"I help African-American professional women over 40, overcome their

nutritional challenges so they can lose their first 20 lbs. and keep it off!"



June 2023

"I went from 238 lbs. to 178 lbs. in 9 months!

I did it and so can you!"


Peace and Blessings, Love and Light, and welcome Spirit Body Transformation! Here, I coach African-American professional women over 40, through experiences I have had on my personal wellness journey. It not only encompasses the physical aspects, but the mental and spiritual aspects as well. Wellness isn't just what we see on the outside, it is what we experience on the inside. Our mindset and beliefs govern our thoughts, which in turn manifest into our actions. What we eat, think, and do are an expression of who we are and how we show up. Life is not just about creating balance, but harmony between the various aspects of our lives. My goal is to assist my clients in showing up as the best versions of themselves and to provide the tools they need to repair areas of their lives that may be damaged or broken. This is a journey I hope we can take together!




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